Friday, May 23, 2014

Puzzle of Life ~ 5-27-2014

You can't control a bird in the middle of its flight
Can't keep the day from turning into night
You wake every morning tryin' to get by
More questions than answers in this puzzle of life
How could so much be wrong but a lot's so right
Most get to choose what to think about their plight
It's one hell of a notion that we're all bound to die
But fear turns to awe as you look into dark skies
See I don't need religious diatribes
I get what works in my own eyes
Not askin' you to nod or to abide
May each puzzle piece enhance the path you ride

​© 2014​ by Grant William Brad Gerver. All rights reserved: CC BY ~ Interested in this song or any of my catalog? ~ ~ ~ Thanks very much.